What We Do?

About Us

Aspen Care Inc believes that people with mental illness can achieve their potential and be respected as workers, neighbors, and friends. Our dedicated healthcare professionals truly believe in nurturing each resident’s individual growth by providing compassionate care and a supportive atmosphere for resident’s to become productive participants in society despite the challenges of mental illness.
We strive to provide the least restrictive support possible and allow each resident that we serve the freedom of personal choice. All of our staff are trained, and dedicated and provide an environment that allows residents to make safe, informed choices about how they wish to live and engage in their community. We support individuals who are receiving waivered services or are eligible to receive waivered services which include DD, CADI, and Brain Injury.

Our Philosophy:

Our belief is that a disability does not define the person and our goal at Aspen care care is to provide the best support to our residents so they may lead their fulfilled and best lives in the community.
Our key concepts we use to accomplish our mission are:

Nurturing independence

We strive to nurture and enable our resident’s independence by providing services that encourage self-growth and independent living skills.

Practice Acceptance

We strive to provide care so that each resident’s feels valued for who they are, in happy times as well as in challenging times.

Value Respect

We provide a person centered care approach, give respect by the way we speak, listen, and attend to cues.